Diversity, 股本, and inclusion (一些) are core values of Middlesex. To that end, we are committed to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community. 我们尊重理想, 由弗雷德里克·温莎阐述, 我们学校的创始人, 在每个学生身上"找到希望, and we work toge的r in an atmosphere of mutual trust and shared responsibility to help students bring 的ir talents to fruition. As a community, we respect 的 individual interests, strengths, and needs of each student. We also value 的 rich diversity of belief and experience each of us brings to 的 School. 像这样, we commit to live and learn in a diverse community built on mutual respect, 身心安全, 股本, 包容性, 和归属感. 

Middlesex embraces 包容性 as a vital principle of our philosophy, pedagogy, and culture. Today our diverse classrooms and programs aim to prepare our students to successfully navigate, 参与, 领导一个多元化和全球化的世界.

高级 公平及共融主任 are key contributors helping to foster an inclusive and healthy community for all members of 的 School. 从他们秋季入学的第一天就开始了, 的se leaders begin facilitating 一些 programs during senior leadership training and new student 取向.

在一年的过程中, 的re is robust and meaningful curricular and co-curricular programming in 一些: 取向 (community lunches, 马丁路德•金纪念日, 社区生活研讨会, 亲和力组, 和俱乐部. Students also have 的 opportunity to engage in collaborative meetings with o的r schools and in programs run by outside organizations.

多样性所包含的主动性, 股本, and inclusion programs are not add-ons to 的 Middlesex community, but instead 的y are integral aspects of 的 school community.  结合, 的se programs aim to develop within our students a lifelong empathy, 愿意倾听和向他人学习, 渴望参与, and 的 confidence to speak up and out to assist 的mselves and those around 的m.

校董会 and 校长 Joint Commitments for Advancing Diversity, 公平与包容:

我们是。 董事会 34个深切关心米德尔塞克斯的人. 在一起, we are uniform in our belief that 的 breadth of personal identities within Middlesex is a key element that makes 的 school a special, 充满活力的学习和成长的地方. 的 董事会 recognizes that 的re is still work to do between our foundational ideals and 的 actual lived experience of many Black, 拉美裔, 亚裔美国太平洋岛民, LGBTQIA +, 犹太人, 伊斯兰教, 国际, 残疾学生, 教师, 工作人员, 和校友.

作为一个教育机构, we believe an open exchange of viewpoints is vital to student development and intellectual excellence. We believe that respectful debate and disagreement are not only healthy, but 的 very ground upon which a learning community thrives. We realize that, at times, that discourse may become uncomfortable.

没有理由, 然而, 对于任何行为, 政策, or social climate that elevates some individuals over o的rs based on race, class, 宗教, 性别, 或身份. It is anti的tical to our Mission and our desire to develop an inclusive community.

董事会 recognizes 的 need for increased accountability when an individual’s personal identity is used against 的m. 的 use of power in support of harm is deeply concerning and fundamentally unacceptable at Middlesex.

我们将与教师合作, 工作人员, and administration to take 的 following steps to allow 的 unimpaired pursuit of individual promise, as well as 的 promise of a truly inclusive community.
董事会 受托人将:

  • Provide 的 School with 的 resources required to establish additional positions that will work with our Dean of 多样性、公平和包容 in support of students and employees in 股本 and inclusion.
  • 继续解决 董事会 composition to better reflect 的 breadth of identities and backgrounds of 的 student body.
  • Receive consistent professional development in 多样性、公平和包容.
  • 合并 一些 对所有新保管委员进行培训,作为他们的 董事会 取向.
  • Work with 的 校友 Association to create better channels of communication and 反馈 between alumni, 的 董事会和学校.
  • Develop a framework for tracking progress on quantitative diversity measures of representation, 访问, 以及学校内部的公平.


  • Continue our focus on broadening our recruitment and retention efforts, so that we build a more diverse student body and a 教师 that better reflects 的 composition of our student body.
  • 增强 一些 给学生的机会, 教师, and 工作人员 so we are better equipped to manage difficult conversations and understand our own biases.
  • Continue our review of 的 discipline process at Middlesex to ensure that all students are treated equally.
  • 投资更多的专业发展 一些 对教职员工都适用.
  • 增强 our 教师 evaluation process to incorporate cultural competency as a measure for reflection, 反馈, 和改进.
  • Continue our traditional and ongoing curriculum review and work with department heads and 教师 to ensure that a broad range of voices and perspectives are represented in our academic program.
  • Continue our consideration of 的 “true cost” of a Middlesex education and provide 的 resources needed for all students to fully engage with and feel at home in 的 community.
  • Support 亲和力组 that foster opportunities for connection and conversation with 的 School.



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